Underlying philosophy. Through its Education Department, the Cesar Chavez Foundation addresses the dismal state of academic achievement and startlingly high drop out rates plaguing students from low-income farm worker, Latino and other working families in California and Arizona by supplying vital instruction, tutorial and service learning programs that are often outside their reach. When under-performing students receive such services, school retention rates go up, drop-out rates decrease and college-attendance increases by statistically-significant measures.
The Chavez foundation Education Department's underlying philosophy is supported by substantial research that demonstrates three sets of skills are the foundation for success in school: Proficiency in academic English; reading and comprehending English at grade level by third grade; and performance in basic Algebra by 8th grade. The Chavez foundation focuses on boosting students' academic competence in these fields with curriculum development and instruction aligned with content standards adopted by the State Board of Education. These goals are achieved through a number of strategies.
Tutoring for struggling students. A state-approved provider of Supplemental Education Services, the Chavez foundation offers novel standards-based tutoring curriculum in reading, language arts and math/Algebra through assessments and individual instructional plans that low-income families can choose to supply the additional academic assistance their children need. There are specially prepared lesson plans and instructional strategies for English-language and special needs learners. Teachers prepared to be linguistically and culturally relevant to students staff all tutorial programs.
Tutoring services also embrace preparing students to pass the mandatory high school exit exam, a Saturday Academy offering supplemental instruction helping youngsters improve their math and/or reading performance, and Spanish intervention programs preparing students through dual language immersion.
Service-learning for educational relevance. A key drop-out prevention strategy is also a Chavez foundation signature program's service-learning, which makes education relevant and meaningful for often struggling students. The foundation supplies teachers and schools with service learning tools, from student-based curriculum and resources to continuing backing for service projects and professional teacher development. Chavez Service Clubs for middle and high school students build on Cesar Chavez's core values through hands-on learning with project-based community service projects the youth choose, creating opportunities that help mitigate the risk of dropping out. Chavez foundation "Educating the Heart" service-learning professional development for staff helps schools join with the foundation in sponsoring service-learning programs that motivates students to grow both academically and socially.
School management services. The Chavez foundation also has experience planning, implementing and managing several other educational services. Summer school sessions of four, six or eight weeks meet the particular instructional needs of schools and students - with the foundation overseeing administration, faculty hiring, curriculum delivery and evaluation. Districts and schools can use the Chavez foundation to administer state-mandated tests as well as score them. And the foundation creates effective professional development for teachers covering various instructional areas.
Quality teachers and instruction. Quality of instruction is only as good as the quality of teachers. The Chavez foundation works hard to hire tutors who are fully credentialed teachers from or near the school districts being served. Most are bilingual. All must have real experience working with a diversity of students with special education-credentialed tutors to serve youngsters needing specialized professionals. Instruction comes in two modes: Small-group settings motivate students and help them better master material and problem-solving. Independent practice seeks to help pupils demonstrate mastery of concepts by working independently on standards-based content.

To become a part of the Cesar Chavez Foundationí»s Education Fund team or for more information about the location of services near you, email the foundationí»s Human Resource Department at hr@nfwsc.org. Or call today to discuss how the Chavez foundation can help improve your studentsí» academic achievement and school success at 1-800-894-0746. 



For employment opportunities with the Cesar Chavez Foundationí»s Education Fund, email the Human Resource Department at hr@nfwsc.org. 



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