With a well-earned reputation as a leading provider of high-quality, amenity-intensive affordable housing with a multi-state presence in California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, the Cesar Chavez Foundation's Housing and Economic Development Fund is dedicated to serving the special needs of farm workers, Latinos and other low-income working families and seniors, It improves the quality of their lives and helps break the cycle of poverty through a positive and safe living environment. More than 4,300 units of high-quality affordable multi-family housing have been built or renovated and are being professionally managed.
Chavez foundation communities provide genuine relief to people often leaving very substandard and overcrowded conditions, young families searching for first apartments, growing families requiring larger quarters, first-time and move-up home buyers, and seniors seeking suitable places to retire. The Chavez foundation manages each of its housing developments to ensure they provide a safe, high-quality living experience and essential community services, including education, guidance and tutoring for youth and teens, and activities and services for seniors.
Since 1993, when it began with 245 rental units, the Chavez foundation's housing portfolio has surged. Its affordable housing programs have survived and even been strengthened despite severe hardships during the recent Recession that beset most for-profit and non-profit housing developers. The Housing and Economic Development Fund is emerging from these trials with a renewed commitment to geographic expansion, improving program and service quality and financial soundness.
Housing and economic development. In excess of 4,300 units of new and rehabilitated units now exist in heavily Latino and underserved communities often ignored by other builders. More than 300 units of affordable single-family homes provide homeownership opportunities for families frequently excluded from traditional market rate and first-time homeownership programs.
A variety of housing types - from single and multi-family to condominiums - and a wide range of funding sources help the Chavez foundation serve a diversity of needy populations, including affordable housing for low-income seniors. 
Existing affordable housing communities are preserved by rehabilitating properties at risk of being purchased and transformed into market-rate housing, displacing low-income residents. The Chavez foundation also undertakes economic development in under-served communities focusing on shopping center and office construction and management.

Community services. To help remedy the historic poverty and discrimination plaguing many of its residents, full-time service workers and part-time volunteers staff community centers at Chavez foundation housing sites. There are Si Se Puede Learning Centers with comprehensive educational services for children, especially during high-risk after-school hours. Spirit, Mind and Body Senior projects supply a range of on-site programs satisfying the health, wellness and social service needs of residents in senior homes.

Property Management. The Chavez foundation builds communities as well as homes. Unlike most developers, it boasts a comprehensive approach to affordable housing that embraces constructing or extensively renovating each of its communities as well as managing a portfolio of more than 30 amenity-rich properties in a four-state region. This is accomplished by maintaining facilities that are safe, clean, efficient and aesthetically pleasing - with extensive amenities that include playgrounds, swimming pools, computer labs and special accommodations to address disabilities, language and cultural diversity, and transportation needs. Dedicated professional staff manage the properties. Preventative maintenance, continuing upgrades and close screening of applicants protects the Chavez foundation's social investments and ensure affordable housing can be guaranteed for decades to come.  

Click here for information about opportunities to become a full-time Cesar Chavez Fellow or a part-time volunteer at a Si Se Puede Learning Center for children or a volunteer with a Spirit, Mind and Body senior project within Chavez foundation housing communities. 

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